A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Rest in peace? We think not!

Welcome to Hell, where rest is not an option. After arriving at your destined afterlife world with your pal - you both have turned into cheeky imps who would do the absolute stupid deed of stealing an eye from the hell gatekeeper himself, just to play Dodgeball with it! Dumb, right?

Oh, there's more:  that "friend" of yours? Well, ain't nobody is a friend of yours in hell! Just like the good ol' saying: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" - you must act against your pal - or he'll act against you.

Don't let the Hell gatekeeper catch his own eye in your hands, or else - you will die. AGAIN!


Developed by: Eran Kramf, Erel Debel

Designed and animated by: Gal RubinOfek Applebaum


Imp & Roll - Windows - 64-bit 164 MB
Version 1 Jun 18, 2022
Imp & Roll - Mac 173 MB
Version 1 Jun 18, 2022

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